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MALHE Vending

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What other selections shoud there be?

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  1. RAL said: love to cum all over your face
  2. steve said: nice tits love the fake one
  3. Old Marine said: Nice cans
  4. hugh said: id love me some pepsi
  5. said: How bout you send some to my email so I can look at you anytime I want to sexy
  6. Winkie said: Doke or Pepsie?
  7. TED said: NICE TITS
  8. Houston said: Nice, let’s see those tit’s out and hanging.
  9. Spike said: Let’s see the pussy now!
  10. dave said: milk!
  11. Wolf said: Boobs and Pepsi very nice :)
  12. said: how about flashing her pussy at the supermarket?
  13. dd.eddie said: Her yummy coconut juice / water. or mango mellon. :D’


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My wife loves to show off her good in public. Any good ideas where to flash them next?

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  1. butter said: to fuck wife. Yes. Please trip to india. hot sauge wait for cunt
  2. said: Why not in a bar or marketplace;)
  3. Chriss said: I love those tits. Your making my hard right now.
  4. said: Stunning lady!!! Reckon she should flash them right in my face.
  5. HELLBILLY said: Yea flash them at the Hawaiian Inn Daytona Beach
  6. Lvztitz said: Store,restaraunt,park…need a better an closer up pic to please! Very beautiful woman though!
  7. said: The grocery store. You look amazing
  8. said: she is as awesome here as she is on boob dare dot com
  9. 5714327523 said: beautiful tits post more please
  10. dd.eddie said: She’s hotter than that fire! KFC with a crispy breast between those…

Crazy Drunk Friend

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  1. Joe said: Nice
  3. Pimp said: Nice tits baby girl
  4. Slash said: THIS is why she’s my EX. Flashing every guy on the street isn’t what a good wife does. I knew she’d show up online some day…
  5. hungryeyes said: haha, oh i’d love my cock between them tits
  6. ACE said: Great bod Doll! Let’s see more!
  7. said: Shit. wish I live in your neighbour hood!
  8. said: Is that NYC in the background? I remember seeing those tits before. Keep on posting. Thank you.
  9. dd.eddie said: Women’s prison breakout? Hot! I like the belly on the left one. YUM
  10. said: ur sexy send
  11. al said: those are great but need to see the other girls tits too!

Flashing in the bar

chris bar flash.jpg
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Asked he to give me a flash in the bar so she did !

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  1. Awesome said: I’ll knock the dust off that pussy
  2. mike oxlong said: ok ummmm YUCK
  3. pape said: wohhhhhh
  4. said: love it
  5. said: poeple rate 3.9 but im crazy for females same her of course i first give their orgasm theen use their assholes for hours gently
  6. Alex (ask for email girls ) said: Wow I love this pic, I would spunk over and over again on them tits
  7. lonewolf said: great flash, love it when ladies show their tits in public places
  8. Tragic said: I’m sorry no! 15 pints on, and this would still be scary! KWIM ?
  9. WTF said: Looks like a case of rode hard and put up wet!!
  10. T said: If I was drunk I think I’d be waking up with her in my bed.
  11. M said: Yummy
  12. hell said: i would love to lick her ass
  13. boobman3 said: nightmares! we need a new pic up!!!!!!
  14. boobman2 said: yikes
  15. haha said: please cover those up
  16. dd.eddie said: doesnt look too chilly in there. you need a colder drink

walk in the woods

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  1. vern said: I’m back and would still love to know where you walk so I can lay you down and suck those tits.
  2. 14 yes said: I wonder if she is aware that she seduces cocks to be wanked
  3. Slash said: Nice tits.
  4. vern said: I’d love to lay you in the grass and have you as a picnic,, take me for a walk !!!
  5. vern said: I’m gonna take more walks, I’ll sneak up under UR skirt, svern28@yahoo, let me peek !!
  6. said: i love the outdoors ijust never seem to catch somebody naked
  7. titaro said: mature lovely
  8. said: I want to walk with you, nice body I want to touch your boobs post more
  9. said: nice tits!
  10. dd.eddie said: I call first dibs on the tick check!
  11. Pete said: risky hope your in my neck of the woods

at the public beach

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same girl-

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  1. said: beautiful needs a licking e me gew more please
  2. mark said: that is the nicest pussy ive seen other than porn! ive have alo tof fun with u on that floaty!
  3. RAL said: i would lose feeling in my tongue from eating your asshole so long
  4. oldtraveller said: lunch is ready looks tastey
  5. mark said: Best beach scene ever!
  6. ACE said: You look very tasty. I’d love a taste Doll!!
  7. sid said: i would like that cunt for hours
  8. cdog said: really nice to swe that some women still take care of they body,ass and pussy waxed
  9. HJ said: Great view
  10. said: stunning bap love to go face deep in your fuckholes
  11. Gina said: Love to see more of u. Also wanna know who took this pic?
  12. said: that bald pussy looks so amazing.HOTHOTHOT +10 from both me n my wife yummy!!!!!
  13. said: i think her asshole need some hot cum to feed yes
  14. g said: nice pussy could lick her out and fuck her till she cums on my cock
  15. mitch said: this is the perfect body
  16. big c said: that pussy!!! eatu up!!!
  17. Chriss said: I want to pound that ass. Can I cum inside your asshole?
  18. mitch said: this body is a wonderland <3
  19. J R said: gossh i could be the “creature from the black logoon” n cock that silly folks watchen from!
  20. LOL said: Nice ass… I can fuck you all day ;) !
  21. steve said: awsome,thats a nice fuck hole
  22. nutsac said: I wanna fuck that anus!
  23. Doug said: Would love to eat that for you for a couple hours
  24. said: would love to plow you from behind
  25. Andrew said: so hot!
  26. Tragic said: Nice shape, good tone, beautiful lips. Yes please!!
  27. T said: Just beautiful!
  29. john said: nice one bb wanna play with me???
  30. brad said: i wish to fuck u inside water can we??
  31. Wolf said: nice ass and pussy
  32. Daniel said: So very beautifull please share more:)
  33. BIGG_DADDEY_XXL said: luv iht
  34. said: u look so delicious i just want to taste u
  35. Christian Alexander Tietgen said: Great pussy.
  36. f said: perfect
  37. dave 2202 said: that is a great picture – very inviting
  38. david said: nice arse would love to cum inside you
  39. Jason said: perfect lips!!! keep posting please!!!!!
  40. John said: between this pic and the other from the front, you have a perfect body!!!
  41. bmx said: i wanna pound you til you scream.. and gush with your sweet cream!!.. looking soo delicious!
  42. said: looks like you need some cream on that pussy u dont want to burn !
  43. Gloverboy6 said: I wanna fuck you right there
  44. said: fine fanny great pussy
  45. said: i love a woman like you
  46. wow said: I want to lick your butthole so bad
  47. Rjs said: i bet she gets so wet showing in public


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Wife Flashes me her tits whiel driving down the road. Thought you woudl want to see them too.

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  1. Arjun said: sexy boobs u have.
  2. steve said: mmm love to spunk on them bangers
  3. voyeur hubby said: where is his milky spunk!
  4. Tragic said: Theres tits – then theirs these beauties! Lucky twat!!
  5. said: those r incredable tits lucky bastard
  6. vern said: where did you go nisha ? I’d LOVE to see ur titties too,
  7. jeff said: great nips!
  8. said: Love it. Can I see more?
  9. Jan said: Have done this twice, – need photographer!
  10. said: Damn I wanna suck them
  11. said: Come on nisha bring it on
  12. Vern said: Let’s see you boobs too Nisha!!!
  13. nisha said: my boobs are just like this
  14. dd.eddie said: i’d be racing somewhere to find a secluded sopt to dump a load on those! wow
  15. said: very nice ones,see if she like having nippleclamps on them next time;-)
  16. Slash said: Very nice!

My hot ass outside

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Tell me what you honestly think..

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  1. jimmy said: babe you have an amazing ass!!! can just imagine holding you in my arms as I slide to the hilt in your bum. Beautiful
  2. dan said: tif? so nice wanna fuck u sooo hard
  3. H said: Would love to batter that arse with my cock
  4. Matt said: I honestly think that is a beautiful ass. Would love to pull that thing aside and slide my cock in you.
  5. said: holy shit i want to tear those little panties off of you and ruin the way you walk for weeks
  6. Deke said: I’de spank that naughty ass good!
  7. T said: Nothing like a great ass in a pair of thongs.
  8. jr said: great ass
  9. vern said: Looks to me like your beautiful ass could use one of my tattoo’s, svern28@yahoo, want one ?
  10. said: nice peach of a ass
  11. said: i think i wanna fuck tht ass an suck on ur titties baby
  12. said: i think i wanna c more in my email
  13. mike said: wat i honestly think is you wanna fuck?
  14. Vern said: i’ll send you a picture of the “tool” I’d use to find ur g-string,
  15. Mike said: Cute ass I’d nail it
  16. fuck said: id fuck u anywhere and cum in ur ass
  17. dave said: haha cool wish i could fuck that arse
  18. Thi said: Nice big ass!! I would love to fuck you hard!
  19. Vern said: I would like to make a meal of your ass,, dinner date ?
  20. Vern said: I’ve got somethin to go in to try and find that G-string with,, love to help =o)~
  21. said: such a sexy ass
  22. goodheadhunter2002 said: I’d definitely pick you up if I saw you along the road like that! That’s a good way to stop traffic!

sexy milf car boob

2012-05-25 12.14.19-1.jpg
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38 DDs in the car

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  1. vv said: you look great
  2. pineapple man said: PLEASE SHOW ME MORE
  3. Awesome said: I’ll take two
  4. BigToad9 said: Her tits made My weiner hard
  5. Tdale said: Beautiful sag. Points deducted because face is cropped.
  6. Sarah said: Georgeous and soft. Just perfect for a woman to play with
  7. 14 yes said: it happened. my towel is sticky
  8. said: very nice saggy tits
  9. voyeur hubby said: my bishop is nodding approvingly and almost coughed its spooge
  10. Tragic said: Support lads, support. Anyone with scaffolding spare?
  11. Me joe said: I want to cum all over those fuckin nice tits
  12. T said: Nice utters!
  13. frank said: I want to suck those big titties
  14. Pote said: I love girls with big breasts that hang these pretty well
  15. andy said: were you pregnant and not breast feed if not come punch me with em
  16. Dn said: Nice tit!
  17. decomark said: i would love for you to get on top of me and slap the shit out of me with those sexy tits WOW
  18. Ka said: Wow, no firmness or muscle tone there.
  19. arkyman said: wow would love to slap that titty
  20. Pete said: Wow would love to lick and suck those fun bags
  21. Vern said: I wanna see what’s under that skirt,, yummy =o)~
  22. Dave said: Reminds me…gotta get milk on the way home!
  23. Ron said: Huge hanging tit – I would so love to suck on your beauties. Show us more
  24. said: great tits love to see more
  25. shawn said: lets see the other one loveem big
  26. 22years said: amazing boobs i would love to have 1 night with her
  27. abc said: MORE
  28. said: god i love a woman with huge tits like you have. sexy as hell, love the nipple. emill me some more

nice Yung 23 old pussy

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Nice Yung 23 old pussy I love show all the guys if u think I should show it off more

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  1. said: beautiful pussy e me a few
  2. dick said: Stillneeds alittle hair around that pussy. That would make it better.
  3. judge said: Now thats a nice picnic ….you should definitely post more
  4. said: definatly,pose for me;)
  5. steve said: baby i’d fuck the hell outa you
  6. john said: nice pussy darling
  7. Doug said: Yes!!!!
  8. chris said: hows about somemore women
  9. Tragic said: lovin it, Great bod. I’d eat well at that picnic!
  10. T said: Would love to walk up on that in the park!
  11. said: Nice cute snatch, need more, more & more!
  12. dave said: nice kitty
  13. Christian Alexander Tietgen said: Cute puffy pussy.
  14. MMA said: 23 hmm try late 30s
  15. said: pls do x love a close up
  16. jj said: i want to fuck it
  17. J R said: very sexy! turn around n pose with bumm in the air ? awesome 10
  18. biker81 said: please send some more to me please lol i would love to swap long term hehe
  19. steve said: baby i would fuck your brains out
  20. bitch said: CAN I FUCK IT
  21. dano said: CAN I CUM IN ??????
  22. stud said: wow the things I would do to you. Wow you look great. Like the way your laying laying there making us want more.
  23. Ron said: I love nature scenes like this — sweet pussy and nice boobs too. Show more please
  24. dd.eddie said: Oh my YES, please share more. I like your body’s build
  25. dave said: ya show it off more, get that pussy open more :P
  26. shawn said: loved the walmart pic but i still want to see your tits
  27. said: i just love to eat out side
  28. al said: cute but lets see those boobs too
  29. Vern said: OMG !!! I wanna see what’s in THAT picnic basket =o)~~~
  30. f said: nice.
  31. speedy said: not bad
  32. said: would earned a 10 if breasts were shown


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