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Wife on a Gondola


Rating: 3.79    (861 votes cast)

Wife loves to flash her huge breast in public

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  1. texas man said: mmm i would bend her over and fuck her slow and deep
  2. lapayne.1918@yahoocom said: love to suck her gorgeous tits right there
  3. Fan said: Great tits lady
  4. john said: she used to live in Lake Geneva
  5. said: Dang!!! Sexy ass lady with amazing titties
  6. Bill said: Queens town here I cum!
  7. dd.eddie said: I’d be sucking on her nips for dear life!

Wife on beach

photo 3.JPG

Rating: 3.7    (850 votes cast)

Flashing tits in ocean

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  1. Josh said: Wow would love to see her ass! Post more!
  2. Bill said: Like everyone is saying are you on newbies we all need to see more of her everyday
  3. john said: where can we see more of her what amazing tits
  4. Josh said: I agree need to get on newbie nudes to see more
  5. Frank said: Need to see more of her!
  6. Ryan said: She is so hot! Do you have a profile on newbie nudes so we all can see more of her!
  7. said: that looks like the casitas royal in mexico… hour weather, even hotter women!!
  8. robert said: you close to chicago
  9. robert said: that would be a great tit fuck luv ta cum in her mouth as peple watch
  10. said: that looks like the gulf of mexico!. where you guys from? hit me up and we can trade couples pics
  11. said: Perfect tits show more of that body now and swap some pics
  12. Bhubb said: Like to be in the ocean with them tits show the rest of that body at swap some pics
  13. Spike said: Love your wife buddy!
  14. R said: Always Horny !! Nice Boobs “Hot”
  15. Browser said: Nice tits!
  16. Spike said: Hot!!!
  17. dd.eddie said: Marines cumming ashore? I surrender..
  18. Ryan said: Great pis your wife is hot! great perky boobs and pointy nips!

cold n sexy


Rating: 4.05    (1038 votes cast)

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  1. @li said: perfect!
  2. JIM BOB said: Nice little firm tits bet your pussy is wet and tight .
  3. said: love to eat you right there , love to taste your cum down my throat
  4. said: damn baby u r a goddess hope 2 c more via email asap
  5. bj said: amazing beauty!
  6. dd.eddie said: super! makes getting a passport worth every cent!
  7. Spike said: Very nice!
  8. tazzed42@gmail. com said: great tits and a pretty face! Love the hair
  9. bill said: i love red heads
  10. Browser said: Great body
  11. Ryan said: wow. sexy girl lets see a pussy shot

Slutty Cristina

Slut Cristina.jpg

Rating: 4    (1485 votes cast)

Slutty Cristina loves to show off

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  1. Doc schlong said: Mmmmmm, you make me cum baby!
  2. Harry hard on said: Want to make it 73 ?
  3. said: love for you to service my hard tongue in your juicy pussy , love to taste your cum
  4. ryan said: show off by using a dildo!!!
  5. said: love to part your pussy lips with my tongue as I suck your lips and lick that sweet clit till you cum down my throat
  6. said: love to see your sweet wet pussy lips arounnd the shaft of my cock
  7. walt said: where is the line? does she take it in the ass
  8. Mike said: Love sluts like you!
  9. walt said: fuck.let me have some
  10. said: The brazen confidence is sexy!
  11. said: That body is perfect!
  12. said: Fucking stunning body! Where does the line start?
  13. said: i like to watch
  14. dd.eddie said: If im seeing comments accurately I’ll be #75! HOT, very hot! R U in ColoSprngs like Malhe?
  15. Ryan said: what a whore that pussy is probally like tossing a hot dog down the hallway
  16. Spike said: Nice!
  17. jimmy said: fuck…sign me up. Ready make my mark
  18. Slash said: Nice! I see a hooker who looks just like her. I mean that in a good way.
  19. said: you me and a bottle of baby oil .mmm mmm
  20. bill said: oh baby i want to make it 73
  21. said: damn.10! I’d love to be #73! she’s drop dead sexy. let’s trade!!!

Malhe on the town.


Rating: 3.55    (1456 votes cast)

Wife loves to flash in public for those who maybe lucky enough to see.

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  1. Josh said: Nice tits
  2. Ray said: Judging by the comments here, there’s a lot of sexually deprived dogs running loose.
  3. jimmy said: dam son shes got one hell of a nice rack…I’d be on them like white on rice
  4. sam said: post something new people
  5. likeit2 said: wow nice natural boob like to fondled with it
  6. Spike said: Please flash another pic and post!!
  7. Spike said: I would fuck you silly!! and love the flashes you send us!
  8. dd.eddie said: Wow, huge gr8 titties.. Gravity gotta be pulling on those, but you cant tell :D
  9. Spike said: What a nice set of tits!!!!
  10. John said: WOW!!! Lucky man love them boobs.

My Spread Pussy In Public Fitting Room


Rating: 3.52    (1505 votes cast)

dripping pussy for dick

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  1. jimmy said: big fantasy of mine having sex in fitting room….but you got to make lots of niose ;)
  2. RAL said: absolutely fucking delicious
  3. said: Delicious! I have something that would fit you perfectly!!
  4. likeit2 said: very yummy lovely wonderful clit just nice
  5. said: love to be there and eat your juicy pussy
  6. said: Patricia,that is hott as hell!! you can upload more to my email and I’ll even return the favor back to you!
  7. John said: Very naughty! :) would love to see more
  8. lapayne.1918@yahoocom said: love to eat you right there
  9. ChuckG said: Patricia, you look great! Definitely post more.
  10. said: Love this woman, can you do your ass next!
  11. J R said: did you ever play vollyball in school?
  12. wolf said: nice pussy ………. :)
  13. said: yes please share more you are dead sexy. id love to trade in email ten
  14. wow said: looks delicious, can we get a better picture.
  15. said: Love breast
  16. said: : park boobies (1801 votes) nice
  17. dd.eddie said: I love it Patricia! Latina by chance? Oh how i wish there was a glory hole for me to tongue u thru. :D
  18. said: Not a clear pic and you’re hidden in a room. Not really considered being “nude in public”
  19. Browser said: Closer please
  20. said: I would love to join you and lick that pussy until you cum
  21. said: need a better shot please post more
  22. Spike said: Please show is more of that pussy!
  23. patricia said: tell me what u think and ill upload more if ulike my pussy
  24. dd.eddie said: damn you take a lot off to try on shoes. Did ya leave a white stain on the chair? 9!

More Asian At A Nude Beach


Rating: 4.11    (1560 votes cast)

Natural 34D

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  1. early bloomer said: very fuckable pan cake boobs
  2. Ray said: Where’s her eyes??? Symbiont!
  3. said: love to eat your pussy on the beach
  4. John said: Exquisite!!
  5. said: Lovly sexy
  6. andy said: DAMN
  7. Spike said: Can someone else take a picture so we can see someone else please???
  9. modelcitizentwo said: Perfect tits!
  10. Yellow fever said: Keep ‘em cumming. She’s sexy!!
  11. steve said: so suckable
  12. tazzed42@Gmail. com said: you are gorgeous! makes me hard everytime you post
  13. NudeCritic said: Amazing body, love the hot hard nipples! 7/10
  14. John John said: Doesn’t count if you’re at a NUDE beach. But still lovely to see! Thanx!
  15. wolf said: where is this beach 10….. :)
  16. cpl said: great!
  17. said: luv the underwater pic
  18. VIC said: Hope to see more of her
  19. dd.eddie said: AWESOME! and i love all the work you put into this collection. 10
  20. dd.eddie said: Salamat Po! masarap, Arizona club Subic?
  21. mike said: amazing body keep posting

Flashing pussie on the swing at the park


Rating: 3.18    (1422 votes cast)

Me flashing my bald pussie on the swing at the playground

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  1. tunamister said: got any more nudie shots?? love itty bitty titties
  2. jack said: lets fuc her hard
  3. jakov said: At least it might attract flies
  4. said: seeing your open pussy makes my cock so hard , love to part your lips with my cock
  5. lapayne.1918@yahoocom said: love to suck your hot lips and lick your clit till you cum in my mouth <MMMMMMMmm
  6. said: Lovely pussy!
  7. said: beautiful lips love to suck ,lick your clit till you cum in my mouth right there
  8. willhelm said: wow so hot…
  10. steve said: fuck me i’d bang it aswell
  11. Ron said: I’d fuck that
  12. wolf said: amazing pussy ………. :)
  13. dd.eddie said: Love to go swinging with you
  14. Ron said: I sure like your playground
  15. john said: love them lips wld suck them

Naked on a golf course


Rating: 4.23    (2202 votes cast)

Kennedy Leigh distracts some golfers

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  1. jimmy said: amazing body!! I got my driver ready…but I take my time on the green.
  2. Jan B said: If I walked acroos the golf course like this, maybe hubby would notice me!
  3. jakov said: I can see several holes I could get one in!
  4. Nick said: u r so hot & ur toes r perfect mmm
  5. Arjun. said: nice.
  6. said: Big boobes lovly
  7. Arjun said: very nice.
  10. steve said: hot tits and cunt
  11. mark said: Hole in one!
  12. Greatone said: Great boobs, hot body, turn me on.
  13. Rick said: That is Kennedy Leigh. A porn star.
  14. Q-Man said: Nice body you are a real sweet heart
  15. bill said: i’d like to get a hole in one with that
  16. bluenight0075 said: Absolutly gorgeous. Beautiful smile as well as your boobies. I would suck and kiss them all day…..
  17. kirt said: very hot
  18. wolf said: magnificent body sinuous boobs. luscious shaved pussy …. :) 10 gorgeous body .
  19. Oh Canada said: that would make your putter stutter!
  20. Spike said: Wanna Caddy for me?
  21. mars said: Whats par for that hole!!
  22. Slash said: Outstanding!
  23. said: Finally a GOOD REASON TO GOLF???
  24. dd.eddie said: All i know is i would love to try all my clubs in that 19th yo hole! my 7Wood, to my putter and sink balls :D

Beach Pussy, naughty…


Rating: 3.14    (1452 votes cast)

Thought I would showoff my pussy while the lifeguard looked the other side.

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  1. hungry hippo said: more sun
  2. said: So so
  3. jimmy said: yummy… love to go down on you
  4. John Smith said: LOVE TO FIND YOU ON OUR BEACH .
  5. said: Hot hot super
  6. Lois said: very nice.
  7. said: Like vigena
  8. Arjun said: beach……..beach……..plz show u r boobs.
  10. oldtraveller said: very nice and meaty ,little whip cream and strawberries would make a nice snack
  11. steve said: nice CUNT
  12. wolf said: nice pussy ………. :)
  14. dd.eddie said: you are naughty, but the pussy is nice…
  15. said: should of showed the lifeguard


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