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  1. factory said: now just keep pating her to take her cloths off
  2. lee said: very sexy my wife loves to do that also
  3. dogg said: now lose the clothes
  4. jkw said: nice tits
  5. mk said: i love these older boobs
  6. Lee said: can you tell the ladies to do that on my route
  7. Hardon said: Money, the only thing that can distract you from tits…insane.
  8. likemspread said: what the hell is he lookin at sure isn’t those tits
  9. AA said: good dare
  10. appreciator said: c’mon in !
  11. brady said: terrific tits

on a dare

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on a dare

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  1. Jeff said: Fantastic
  2. Joe said: Just what do they serve??????
  3. darthray said: That is hot nice tits
  4. said: not a good career choice..put clothes back on, continue drinking.
  5. Tim said: I would let u in my bar for free
  6. luv2runmh said: Bartender, I’ll have one of those, please.
  7. Lee said: can I do a shot in each one of your holes
  8. saeback said: omg amazing
  9. shaga78 said: i dare you to sit on my face
  10. likemspread said: how much for a piece of that browneye pie
  11. beefy said: true meaning of bar whore
  12. eaton beaver said: can i get a little more of that sauce on my fries?
  13. appreciator said: you can tend my bar anytime
  14. ned said: id do a shot in that hot pussy


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  1. Penut butter said: Make it wet and I will vote
  2. said: there is a potential prevert to your immediate left, right?
  3. likemspread said: looks a little rough
  4. brady said: looks good babe

petite nudie girl

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petite nudie girl

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  1. Joe said: Adorable , sexy food, I would eat this ! Show me your ass
  2. Fred said: In my house every exit is also an entrance giggity giggity giggity
  3. said: dew me…puleeze..
  4. Oh Yeah said: Giggity
  5. shane said: I wish i saw her walking down my alley.deff. a nice fuck.
  6. scot said: bangin
  7. Matt Harris said: As I always asy: A girl should have LOTS of hair on her head and NONE anywhere else.
  8. jwj said: very cute, great body!!!
  9. jon said: YOU HAVE A NICE BODY
  10. saeback said: aww cute
  11. likemspread said: michele show us a pic of your fine self
  12. likemspread said: hello sweetheart keep walkin till you get to my house i will make that smile even bigger
  13. michele said: been their done that and im serious cos im always naked cos im a girl
  14. Kyle said: i’d fuck that right there in the street
  15. appreciator said: she’s so sweet
  16. NIP Fan said: Love Marketa’s nude in public pics!

cutie in see through shirt

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cutie in see through shirt

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  1. said: pretty tit would love to see yout tit bare e me a few pics please
  2. abc man said: That is so sexy, going to get my gorgeous wife to do this & put it on here, awesome
  3. Edgar Allen Pie said: Incredible. Still, I can almost imagine seeing this in real life. Almost
  4. brad said: stunning
  5. steven said: what u trying to get a job?
  6. Ryan said: Very sexy I want u tonite
  7. aidan said: nice shirt on a date
  8. DD said: NICE & SMART X
  9. likemspread said: sexy little nipples
  10. appreciator said: very attractive
  11. chris said: let me suck that lovely nipple

booby freedom

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booby freedom

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  1. Jeffrey said: Please be my perfect Mistress!
  2. shane said: you’re scaring the cows away!
  3. Norm said: A,azing firm sweet tits. If hair was down and a smile, you’d be swamped with great comments.
  4. likemspread said: show us the rest of that fine little body
  5. appreciator said: get in the car!

trying to blend in

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trying to blend in

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  1. said: sexy body i like it ….
  2. cdog said: girl you look good,must be a nudist beach cause no one looks suprised
  3. Joe said: Ok this is breakfast, lunch and dinner! Sit on my face!
  4. said: HOT
  5. said: grow some hair over the “c” section scar.
  6. shane said: I would love to fuck this!
  7. Matt Harris said: That’s what I love to see – TOTAL exposure of the female body, shaved pussy – the LOT!
  8. oldmarine said: sweeeeet
  9. likemspread said: not alot of curves below the chest but who cares your beautiful
  10. michele said: ive done that 3 times tht girl is brave cos i know it is scary but she is also hot
  11. Dave said: cudo’s to the photographer, there’s an expression on her face that is hard to catch..> Oh yah and awsome bod , :-)
  12. appreciator said: hi sweetheart
  13. LC said: They did say dress “casual”!
  14. ger said: feel like a wank.

roadside nymphs

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roadside nymphs

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  1. Arjun said: the road is bright with those babes.
  2. Arjun said: it is very common nowadays,take it easy and it is also a type of fashion.i strongly them.
  3. said: oh boy a foursome awesome
  4. Christian Alexander Tietgen said: Yeah, they are from Germany, like me!
  5. Qme said: are you still there ?
  6. jake said: i want to fuck you guys until your covered in cum
  7. said: i wish i lived there…
  8. RAY said: i want to fuck all three after they each give me a footjob and blowjob
  9. Oh said: Your hot
  10. longbear8.5 said: my kind of hitch hikers would give them the ride of their lives
  11. said: ah yes, somewhere between essen and velbert..i know it well. bush babies.
  12. yessir said: hey girls… i am from essen too…wanna meet me? if you say “yes” i give you my mailadress
  13. said: i want to be driving down that road more please
  14. Dicktator said: Mini mani moe
  15. shane said: I would love to pass these 3 girls on the road.
  16. awizardatruestar said: you are all so very sexy yum
  17. said: oh how i miss germany!!
  18. Lee said: hold that pose I’ll be right there
  19. likemspread said: like to have a foursome with them
  20. michele said: ive one tht with 2 other girls but how do they looks o good doing it
  21. wayne said: three is definitely not a crowd
  22. eddr84 said: all we have on our roads are fuckin deer!
  23. JoeBlo said: Friends help friends…
  25. Boris Baddenov said: Delicate Essen, no doubt!
  26. droog said: german road side assistance.
  27. appreciator said: how much is a flight to Germany?
  28. carlitoingermany said: wow, im not that far away from there. eyesseenofuture on AIM

beer and boobies

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beer and boobies

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  1. big c said: beer&boobies i see 3some
  2. said: hey babe can i help u
  3. lee said: i love the way her dark nipples point down very sexy
  4. julio said: back home in indiana
  5. Joe said: I could have fun for days with bikini girl
  6. tit fan said: all one truly needs :)
  7. jkw said: only one of you is hot.
  8. Sanu said: What is that in your hand.any way i like both boobs
  9. ok said: left one has strange boobs, but right one hasa nice rack and good body
  10. said: drink one, spill one, suck four.
  11. jj said: right=nice. left= ewww
  12. shane said: nice tits…what more can i say?
  13. SKI said: GREAT TITS & BODIES !!
  14. mudfence said: oh HELL yes…. what a great set of tits. Id fuck her again. LOL
  16. Rufus said: I Love Trailer Park Girls!!!
  17. Lee said: the more the merrier
  18. jebond said: nice boobs hmm i like lt
  19. likemspread said: two smokin hot little bodies on two fine young ladies
  20. JoeBlo said: Nice pair…
  21. appreciator said: blonde is so hot
  22. Bhollywood13 said: The pale one is awesome
  23. goose said: i wish i knew what trailer park u live in

give this girl a ride!

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give this girl a ride!

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  1. Steve said: Oh she’ll get a ride alright
  2. shane said: pretty girl…nice tits
  3. flytrap said: priceless picture
  4. Chris said: Can I help with the rest??
  5. LAVX said: nice boobs. send ur bra at LKUMARX6@GMAIL.COM
  6. Rich said: ride on the baloney pony baby
  7. Lee said: after I give you a ride you can ride me
  8. likemspread said: can’t beleive you have to do that to get a ride your beautiful
  9. boob lover said: i wud give u a ride evn if u had ur bra on baby
  10. trevorkekk@live,com said: i like to take yoju in my bunk
  11. appreciator said: u don’t have to waive it; I’ll stop 4 u


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